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From John Carpenter’s They Live:

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Rachel, here’s a reading list for you. Please educate yourself to avoid  making a complete fool out of yourself on national television.

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Why today asking substantive questions about the very nature of American government is the most practical and necessary politics.

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Wesley Messamore asks:

Rachel, should black restaurant owners be forced to serve white nationalists? Hmm? Say David Duke walked into a black restaurant and wanted to be served. Does the black restaurant owner have a right to say, “Mmm… no thanks, we’d rather not serve you”? Or does David Duke have a right to be served by the black restaurant owner? Yes or no, please.

It’s interesting — to be consistent, Maddow would practically have to say that Duke has a right to the black restaurant owner’s labor, which is dangerously close to advocating something akin to slavery. Yes or no, Maddow?

Let’s use another example: if Fred Phelps (that’s the God Hates Fags guy) walked into a gay bar and demanded to be served a drink, would Maddow support the right of the restaurant owner or bartender to refuse to serve him? Yes or no, please.

The Civil Rights Act institutionalized racism in Amerika. If you support it, you are the one that is racist.

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Via Skeptical Eye:

Well, let me ask you a question Rachel. Should it be illegal for someone to discriminate based on race when it comes to dating? Or who one wishes to have conversations with? Or who one chooses to allow into his own home? If not, why should it be illegal when it comes to operating a business?

I think racism is stupid, but you know what? Part of freedom is allowing other people to do stupid things. I think doing drugs is stupid but believe government has no role in trying to outlaw them. I think prostitution and gambling are unwise but think people have a right to do both.

Likewise, I think it’s stupid to be a racist. But should it be illegal? Of course not, because being a jerk simply isn’t a crime. It may be morally reprehensible. So is cheating on your wife, but no sane person supports a law against that. By demanding that your own moral thinking be legislated into law, you guys on the left are no better than the neanderthals of the religious right. Let’s not forget that it was your cherished government–not the market–that enforced and upheld the notorious Jim Crow laws.

So yes, I believe people have a right to be racist and will not apologize for it. In a free society, that is your absolute right. But where are all these supposed racist business owners? Are they the ones hiring illegal immigrants by the truckload and outsourcing our work to ‘minority’ nations*? Let’s face it: money ultimately trumps race in the marketplace.

Next question.

I do not support Rand Paul because he is a neocon. However, he is correct on this issue and his response to Maddow didn’t help him much.

Update: I take that back. Rand has issued a statement supporting the Civil Rights Act now. This boob has absolutely no principle. He is not only a neocon, but a full-fledged statist. What an insult to his father, Ron Paul.

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Charles Hugh Smith explains:

A massive outbreak of economic cognitive dissonance is being suppressed with wave after wave of manufactured “good news.” Every visibly negative bit of data is run through a media and Central State assembly line to refashion it as “good news” and “evidence” that the “nascent recovery is taking hold.” Whatever cannot be rejiggered is simply buried or suppressed.

The fact that five corporations control the the vast majority of the U.S. mainstream media certainly aids that manufacturing process.

I notice this daily. I can’t figure out why anyone believes the MSM anymore.

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Rachel Maddow attacked neocon-Rand on her propaganda show tonight.  Maddow was throwing a hissy-fit over Rand’s correct position that the government has no authority to force private businesses not to discriminate based on race (or anything for that matter).

Indeed private businesses, organizations and individuals should be able to create rules for or refuse service to whomever they choose. That includes allowing or refusing service to those that are white, black, brown, gay, straight, handicapped, obese, retarded, cross dressing, transsexual or whatever type of irrelevant characteristic you can conjure up. Not only that but they should be able to allow or refuse smoking, guns, dogs, drugs or anything else on their private property. At the same time, all competing businesses should have the right to do the exact opposite to attract those that don’t approve. If the offending business can’t attract enough customers, then they go out of business. That is how freedom works. Maddow can’t seem to fathom anything other than the use of violence (government) to force her subjective views on everyone else. What an evil excuse for a human being.

Although Maddow thinks she is taking the high road, she fails to address that many minority groups are NOT covered by the Civil Rights Act. I guess only those that the state, and Maddow, deems worthy are those that may receive “equal rights”.

Update: Jim at heygetthis has more (although he doesn’t realize it).

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