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Richard Forer writes:

You may not be aware, for example, that Israel conspired with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in 1987 to create Hamas. Israel also armed Hamas. It wanted an alternative to the PLO [Palestine Liberation Organization]. The first Intifada began in 1987. It was primarily nonviolent on the part of Palestinians (not Israelis). Israel arrested or deported most of the nonviolent leaders while allowing Sheikh [Ahmad] Yassin, Hamas’s spiritual leader, to distribute anti-Jewish hate literature calling for the violent overthrow of the Zionist government. It is far easier for Israel to portray the Palestinians as psychotic killers in order to divert the world’s attention from its strategy of land theft and ethnic cleansing and thereby deceive the world into believing the Israeli army is merely defending itself than it is to justify land theft and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians when their resistance is nonviolent.

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More info here: Hamas is a Creation of Mossad


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Cassie Rodenberg reports:

As soon as oil hits water, the ocean begins its deconstruction. In fact, the marine environment handles oil much like a human body handles alcohol: destroying, metabolizing and depositing the excessive compounds —in oil’s case, hydrocarbons—then transforming the compounds into safer substances, says Stanislav Patin, chairman of the Aquatic Toxicology Committee under the Russian Academy of Sciences and international expert on marine pollution.

Explains how 1 million barrels of oil can naturally seep into the ocean each year and life mysteriously goes on.

The state’s solution to the BP spill? Add toxic chemicals.

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Via Lew Rockwell, TPM reports:

Oil seeps are fairly common around the world both underwater and aboveground. Oil seeps occur when enough cracks and fissures form above a reservoir to enable a small quantity of oil to escape naturally. The La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles (pictured below) are a large terrestrial oil seep, and oil seeps have long been used to help identify submarine oil reserves. Oil seeps are prevalent in many bodies of water, and the Gulf of Mexico is no exception.

Oil seeps are more common than you think, both on land and underwater.

A satellite survey published in January of 2000 counted at least 600 natural oil seeps within the Gulf. And they release a lot of oil.


A 2003 National Academies study estimated that about 980,000 barrels of oil, or about 41 million gallons, seep into the Gulf – every year. Recall that the Exxon Valdez is estimated to have spilled about 250,000 barrels.

So approximately four Exxon Valdezes naturally seep into the Gulf each year. The hysteria manufactured over the recent spill, or anything else for that matter, is designed to provide an excuse for more government intervention.

As Lew Rockwell points out: “Oil is natural, organic, and biodegradable”.

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Harold Johnson comments:

1) All politics mix religious belief’s. Whether it is “In God We Trust” on our money, our own politicians references to God and Christianity or Middle Eastern Islamic belief which is the law of their land.

2) The “White Shoe Boys” that Gerald Celente continually refers to are the Jews running Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and other huge financial entities and multi-national corporations. The elite of the elite. Type in “White Shoe Firm” in the Wikipedia for an in-depth explanation.

3) Jesus was a Jew. The Apostles were Jews. The Sadducees and Pharisees were Jews. And the Jew Jesus, who was a religious Zealot (a fanatic – similar to non-violent Muslim fanatics or Buddhist fanatics today), was in constant conflict with them.

This link will provide (those interested) in an excellent overview of both the Sadducees and Pharisees:


4) The New Testament of the Bible was written many years after the death (and burial in an Ossuary) of Jesus by Jews for Jews… till later they realized they could rope in a bunch of daft Gentiles. Paul of Tarsus (a Pharisee Jew) called himself the “Apostle to the Gentiles” and his epistles were written anywhere from 55 to 150 years AD (depending which theologian you believe). Furthermore, throughout the ages the New Testament was added to and parts deleted by various priests and monks (notwithstanding John’s admonition in the book of Revelation about adding to it or taking away from it).

5) Throughout history the Jews have used their religion (both Hebrew and Christian) to influence the mass of people in order to control them. Furthermore, throughout history the Jews have tried to control first the money (gold, silver and/or coin and paper money and convertible notes & debentures of all kinds) then politics which will give them ultimate power. Let’s look at a few historical examples:

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So a South Korean warship gets hit with a German torpedo and sinks. Conveniently North Korea gets blamed, even though they deny it and are being refused access to the “evidence”.

Well wouldn’t ya know it? As a result of the Korean “incident”, Hatoyama has suddenly decided to allow the U.S. to keep a key military base in Japan despite getting elected on a promise to force its closure.

These dots aren’t very difficult to connect.

Update: Keep in mind that Germany delivered two new subs to Israel late last year. One of those subs was recently spotted crossing the Suez Canal. Where was this submarine when the Korean “incident” occurred?

Update2: China appears to know it was a false flag as well.

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Steve Elliott reports:

Maybe there should be an IQ test for police officers. What was first thought to be one of the largest marijuana seizures in the Corpus Christi Police Department’s history turned into an embarrassing incident for the cops, as the clueless officers spent a busy and exciting evening harvesting hundreds of harmless weeds from a city park.


Exhausted officers only stopped collecting the harmless plants because it got too dark to work; they planned to return bright and early in the morning to look around for more marijuana.

Trouble is, after spending more than an hour laboriously removing and tagging hundreds of plants, and then hauling it all to the police department downtown, testing revealed that none of it was marijuana at all.

Well at least they weeded the park – probably the most productive thing they have ever done.

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