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Saddam Hussein planned to start selling oil in currencies other than worthless Federal Reserve Notes (dollars). The Bush regime acted swiftly by fabricating “weapons of mass destruction” lies which were used as a pretext to illegally invade Iraq and assassinate Hussein. WMD’s were never found in Iraq, obviously. The only WMD they possessed was their imminent contribution to the destruction of the already doomed dollar.

Iran has been planning on doing the same thing with their oil bourse for years. After many delays the first phase was opened in 2008. The second phase opened just a few short months ago. Thus the reason for the increased war-mongering against Iran as well as calls for tougher sanctions.

The only thing keeping the dollar alive is the demand created due to the reserve status it enjoys in oil trades. The empire is desperate.

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Christopher Bollyn speculates about a plausible link between Ehud Barak, and other Israelis, to 9/11.

More here.

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If you can watch this entire video and still support the “war” in Iraq, or ANY war, you are one sick SOB. Watch to see how your tax dollars are spent to murder innocent civilians and reporters, then murder the paramedics that come to their aid, then lie about the whole thing in an attempt to cover it up.

This is absolutely disgusting.


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Butler Shaffer writes:

I wonder how many of the Republican faithful — who now wring their hands over the enactment of Obama’s “health care” measure — understand how their unprincipled and mindless defense of George W. Bush’s war-making, empire-building, and crony-capitalism was responsible for the Democrats getting swept into power in Washington?

Good point.

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