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Debt Slave is a wake up call for all Americans to break out of the corporate control of the mainstream media and prepare for the real economic collapse that is ahead.


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Prepare now before the US dollar is worthless.

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Ty Andros predicts:

The Tsunami of debt will begin to hit in the second half of this year and continue for quite some time (deflationary spiral as asset prices collapse due to no new lending to insolvent borrowers), at which point, the G7 financial systems will reach the ultimate destination of all fiat currency and credit systems in history: their DEMISE. Deflation will be met with the printing press until the public understands, then POOF, Zimbabwe and Argentina, here we come…

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Andrew Frye reports:

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., the third-largest U.S. life insurer by 2008 sales, has bought gold for the first time the company’s 152-year history to hedge against further asset declines.


Northwestern Mutual has accumulated about $400 million in gold, and Zore said the price could double or even rise fivefold if the economy continues to weaken.

Which means massive inflation is on the way.

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So says Faber and Hussman.

This is why it will happen and here are some historical examples.

And no, it is not an accident.

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Deflationista extraordinaire Mike Shedlock (aka Mish) has scrambled together an attack piece on Peter Schiff. The article boils down to his same old tired rant about how prices are currently falling and how that proves his ridiculous hypothesis that inflation won’t happen.

Mish fails to realize that 1) not all prices are currently falling and most importantly 2) inflation is an increase in money supply,  price increases are a result. Just because price increases have yet to materialize (it takes time), Mish blows a wad and tells the world he is a genius. It is rather bizarre.

As Michael S. Rozeff recently said:

These price increases are not going to be immediate. There are lags. There is no smooth or mechanical relation between today’s money growth and today’s consumer prices. These things take time. General price level increases depend on both the growth in money supply in past years and on whether that growth is sustained over many years. The Obama administration and the Fed have both told us that they intend to sustain their stimulus for years to come. Add that to the fact that the existing rate of growth of the monetary base already is at a rate that is typical of a banana or coconut republic. Similar results are highly likely.

Peter Schiff (and many others) will be proven correct, again, once hyperinflation arrives in the near future.

See also: Big Inflation Coming

Update: Bill Anderson debunks another attack on Schiff here.

Update2: Schiff’s response here.

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