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George Ure writes:

If an informed reader has any memory at all, the adventure of the ‘disappearance” of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and his re-emergence after admitting to an affair in Argentina, brings into focus a very interesting question. Are we seeing another application of what in the alphabet agency/spy business is called a “honey pot” operation?

If I were looking at one of my computer reference books like Head First Design Patterns, I’d have to at least ask the question am I seeing a dandy way for the PTB to put those who get in the way of the globalist agenda to single out and destroy opposition? Why, it’d be far more efficient than assassination or disappearances, although there’s enough wet-work to bring those along, too, in one remembers Dr. David Kelly and those missing microbiologists, but that’s a whole different branch of the global railroad.


Either there’s a class of politician that is so smart in politics as to make it into high office, yet dumb enough that along comes a good looking woman and they wander off following their pechusezelwhackers (* it’s an old fire house term analogous to “Johnson”) in a testosterone fog OR if you want to get a hot affair going, all you need to do is be in a position to challenge the PTB paradigm and hotties will be sent in to take you down…and then…er…take you down.

I have to wonder if Sanford even had an affair. I suspect he was taken away for a little come-to-Jesus meeting after refusing to take Obama’s stolen bribe money.

You may recall how the CIA threatened Jesse Ventura after he became Governor of Minnesota against their will.


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