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Steve Elliott reports:

Maybe there should be an IQ test for police officers. What was first thought to be one of the largest marijuana seizures in the Corpus Christi Police Department’s history turned into an embarrassing incident for the cops, as the clueless officers spent a busy and exciting evening harvesting hundreds of harmless weeds from a city park.


Exhausted officers only stopped collecting the harmless plants because it got too dark to work; they planned to return bright and early in the morning to look around for more marijuana.

Trouble is, after spending more than an hour laboriously removing and tagging hundreds of plants, and then hauling it all to the police department downtown, testing revealed that none of it was marijuana at all.

Well at least they weeded the park – probably the most productive thing they have ever done.


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Via dfwnorml.org:

He was caught by law enforcement within 1000 feet of Ebenezer Day Care Center in Tyler with baggies of weed in his pockets toking on a joint. On Thursday, March 4th, Henry received 35 years in a state correctional facility.

Both the arresting pig and Smith County Assistant District Attorney Richard Vance are the ones that need to be behind bars for 35 years. Sick bastards.

(Thanks to Michelle)

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David Gutierrez reports:

An analysis of 168,900 autopsies conducted in Florida in 2007 found that three times as many people were killed by legal drugs as by cocaine, heroin and all methamphetamines put together. According to state law enforcement officials, this is a sign of a burgeoning prescription drug abuse problem.

Get rid of the monopoly on doctors and medicine and you will remove unnecessary deaths and corruption.

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Alex Johnson reports:

Supporters of programs to provide legal marijuana to patients with painful medical conditions are celebrating Attorney General Eric Holder’s statement this week that the Drug Enforcement Administration would end its raids on state-approved marijuana dispensaries.

The correct thing to do would be to end the fascist war on drugs altogether. But Obama does deserve credit for this minor victory for freedom.

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Daniel Nasaw reports:

Michigan became the 13th state to legalise marijuana for medical use, while Massachusetts decriminalised possession of one ounce or less of the substance, making the offence punishable with a citation and a $100 fine.

Progress, I guess.

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Andrew Lahde writes:

I would like to bring attention to an alternative food and energy source. You won’t see it included in BP’s, “Feel good. We are working on sustainable solutions,” television commercials, nor is it mentioned in ADM’s similar commercials. But hemp has been used for at least 5,000 years for cloth and food, as well as just about everything that is produced from petroleum products. Hemp is not marijuana and vice versa. Hemp is the male plant and it grows like a weed, hence the slang term. The original American flag was made of hemp fiber and our Constitution was printed on paper made of hemp. It was used as recently as World War II by the U.S. Government, and then promptly made illegal after the war was won. At a time when rhetoric is flying about becoming more self-sufficient in terms of energy, why is it illegal to grow this plant in this country? Ah, the female. The evil female plant — marijuana. It gets you high, it makes you laugh, it does not produce a hangover. Unlike alcohol, it does not result in bar fights or wife beating. So, why is this innocuous plant illegal? Is it a gateway drug? No, that would be alcohol, which is so heavily advertised in this country. My only conclusion as to why it is illegal, is that Corporate America, which owns Congress, would rather sell you Paxil, Zoloft, Xanax and other additive drugs, than allow you to grow a plant in your home without some of the profits going into their coffers. This policy is ludicrous. It has surely contributed to our dependency on foreign energy sources. Our policies have other countries literally laughing at our stupidity, most notably Canada, as well as several European nations (both Eastern and Western). You would not know this by paying attention to U.S. media sources though, as they tend not to elaborate on who is laughing at the United States this week. Please people, let’s stop the rhetoric and start thinking about how we can truly become self-sufficient.

Again: “My only conclusion as to why it is illegal, is that Corporate America, which owns Congress, would rather sell you Paxil, Zoloft, Xanax and other additive drugs, than allow you to grow a plant in your home without some of the profits going into their coffers.”

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Dan Kilo writes:

What you really do not get is the fact that Barr has committed egregious violations against human rights that should not be forgiven so quickly. Fuck, there was guy (James Kevin Pope) that was just sentenced to 4,060 years for fucking some young girls. (I have to say here that I am always suspect of these convections, maybe he did and deserves it and maybe he didn’t and he’s the one getting fucked.) That is like sentencing a guy from 2,000 BC until now. That’s a GRUDGE. As it should be if the guy was fucking SOME pre-teen girls.

Barr thought that the government should send millions of Americans to jail for not harming another person. Maybe I’d give him a few decades to forgive his ways and forgive him outright but not in just a few years. “Oh, I realized I fucked up, give me a chance and I’ll give those girls back what I took from them.” NO. Anybody but you can be allowed to try to do that. There are many Americans doing time in a broom closet because of Barr’s efforts a few short years ago. He cannot be the savior that we ask them and their families to vote for. Fuck Bob Barr and fuck you assholes that fuck young girls. You deserve to be shunned by all of us regular folk.

Just one of the many, many anti-Libertarian skeletons in Barr’s closet.

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