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Because it is honest.

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Via chinadaily.com.cn:

Google’s withdrawal is not a purely commercial act. The incident has from the beginning been implicated in Washington’s political games with China.


Given that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have no access to the Chinese Internet market, the White House believes that Google alone cannot play a large role in China as it did in Georgia and Iran.


Google’s accusations against China are completely groundless. The company has so far failed to submit any convincing evidence of the Chinese government-aided hacker attacks on its search engine.

The article goes on to point out how hypocritical Google is being considering they routinely share user information with governments around the world and also help them censor search results.

The bottom line is Google never gained popularity in China so they pulled out. This move was encouraged by the Obama regime because they realized the CIA would not be able to conspire with Google to manipulate the Chinese public – as done in countries like Georgia and Iran.

The CIA version of the story is at Business Week.

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Keep in mind that this was recorded before Obama was elected dictator.

Also see parts 2 and 3.


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9/11 was an inside job.


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Ron Paul has a few questions for his colleagues:

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It looks like Robert Wanek won his battle with fascism.

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Ron Paul tells the truth, like always.

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