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After he had fallen off a bridge and broke his back and other bones, cops tasered this poor kid 19 times for “refusing to comply” with them. They were, after all, protecting you from this highly dangerous child. Such manly police we have.


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myway.com reports:

Police say officers Tasered him, and his reaction led them to immediately call for emergency medical help. He was pronounced dead at Bay Regional Medical Center.

His reaction to electrocution “led them” to call for medical help? Gee, I wonder why.

The spine-less press didn’t release the murder’s names.

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Via rawstory.com:

A man in the northern California city of San Jose died after being jolted with a Taser, police said Thursday, apparently the sixth such death since the department began using the stun guns in 2004.

Lisa Fernandez reports:

Relatives on Friday identified the man as 28-year-old Richard Lua. They say he was simply trying to enter his home Wednesday about 10:24 p.m. in the 2200 block of Amador Drive when he was shocked by San Jose police with the stun gun.

The criminals: “officers” Eric Bachmann and Patrick Lynch.

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Jorge Valencia reports:

Wray Tasered and handcuffed the 17-year-old, according to the press release. Minutes later, the boy, whose name has not been not released, was unresponsive.

The murderer: Officer R.L. Wray. I can’t believe they actually published the criminal’s name.


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Jim McKinnon reports:

A man died after Swissvale police subdued him with a Taser last night.


“I saw them shove [Mr. Thomas] to the ground, and they handcuffed him,” the neighbor said. “They killed that man. They killed him. They killed him,” she added, her hands trembling. The woman said she saw one officer stomp on Mr. Thomas’s upper back, holding his foot there while the subject lay on the sidewalk with his head hanging over the curb. Another officer “reared back and punched him in the head with all his might,” she said.

Mr. Thomas vomited. Then, for several minutes, he lay motionless, another nearby resident said, before an ambulance was called.

The coward pigs are too afraid to release the murderer’s name, as usual. After an “investigation” followed by a slap on the hand, this criminal will be back on the streets “serving and protecting” you. Don’t you feel safe?

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Karen DeCoster points out the British nanny state is planning to ban happy hour, and for fraudulent reasons.  Of course they say it is for your safety, because you are obviously too stupid to determine what to ingest into your own body.

States with socialized medicine go to great lengths to ensure their statistics look “good”, banning anything they percieve as a possible detriment to those statistics is vital.  I suggest if they are serious about this, they ban these as well.

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A handcuffed man, no less. Drew Griffin and David Fitzpatrick report:

Dr. Randolph Williams, the Winn Parish coroner, told CNN the 21-year-old sawmill worker was jolted so many times by the 50,000-volt Taser that he might have been dead before the last two shocks were delivered.

Will this murderer, Scott Nugent, be charged with murder? Will the victim get justice?

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