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Great video of a younger Ron Paul telling the truth – as he always has:

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Congressman Ron Paul’s run for the 2008 GOP Presidential nomination sparked a unique grassroots brush fire not seen in recent history. Ron Paul’s integrity inspired and ended the apathy of many, which showed a large remnant of a belief in American liberty lives on.

An effort is currently underway to document this historical political insurgency against the elite system of modern day manipulation and control.

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A look back at the 2008 election from a future date:

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Sarah Lai Stirland was paid by a Giuliani adviser to publish the Articles “Criminal Botnet Stumps for Ron Paul, Researchers Allege” & “More on Ron Paul Spam” to discredit Ron Paul.


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This goofy Faux News reporter actually agrees with Dr. Paul that Fox News is NOT fair and balanced:

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