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Via solari.com:

Congress slipped in a provision that requires every non-tax-exempt business in the US to provide by January 31 of each year an information return (usually, a 1099) to every payee to which it makes aggregate payments of $600 or more during a calendar year, effective for 2012.


Is the goal to so overload small business with compliance costs that you put them out of business? We think so.

All government regulation (aka “reform”) is designed to create and maintain monopolies. This is how fascism works.

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini


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Another example from David Kramer:

Bankster puppet Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) has inserted into the upcoming financial “reform” bill a clause that would more than double the minimum net worth of a potential venture capital investor…

We wouldn’t want those pesky poorer folks given the same opportunities as the rich.

The purpose of regulation is to benefit the few (rich, corporations) at the expense of the many.

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Joel Skousen reports:

Campaign Finance Reform didn’t stop the political payoff system and only restricted private political speech. Health Care Reform did nothing to stop all of the evils of the government and business subsidized insurance system, but it did destroy our liberty to choose. Likewise, Financial Services reform was written many months ago by insiders who will give it the appearance of reform, but it will do nothing by put a regulatory noose around those few financial institutions that remain in this country–who were not part of the problem.

All government regulation (aka “reform”) is designed to create and maintain monopolies.

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William Anderson writes:

As economists such as George Stigler and Sam Peltzman pointed out, regulation has the effect of offering protection to regulated firms, but also serving to keep out competitors. In other words, contra Krugman, regulation creates what in effect are government-sponsored cartels. From this, we see “Capture Theory” emerging, as the regulated industries and their government regulators form a tag team that operates to the benefit of the people in the system — and against consumers.

Yet proponents of regulation claim it protects the consumer. More double-speak in this bizarre world.

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Brutus writes:

I always find it interesting that so many people believe that deregulation of the financial system contributed to this mess. The financial system is the the most heavily regulated industry in the US and probably the world. We can’t even choose our own money for transactions. Moreover, these regulations are written by bankers and former Wall Street executives. Why on earth would any rational person then believe that the purpose of these regulations is to protect the citizens from greedy executives when said regulations have been drafted by greedy executives?

The sole purpose of any regulation is to establish and maintain monopolies.

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