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Spontaneous rally in Manchester, NH. Check out the “Don’t tax me, bro!” sign about half-way through the video. Priceless.


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The following Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting was televised locally in New Hampshire Jan. 6, 2008. Notice this is the real deal with real questions followed by real answers. Not pre-screened questions the other candidates get, nor the rehearsed answers they give.

Part 1:


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This is a teaser; the full video will be posted within the next 24 hours. Check back here for the URL.

Ron Paul was stationed in Pakistan?

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Former New Hampshire Republican state representative, Dave Buhlman, endorses Ron Paul:

I respectfully urge you to join me on Jan. 8 to give this very decent man and trusted leader a victory in New Hampshire. Let’s again show the pundits how off base they can be.

Then Jim McClarin follows suit:

I’m also a former N.H. state representative who is supporting Ron Paul for president.

Those who are concerned about the recent and rapid erosion of the dollar would do well to recognize Dr. Paul’s long-standing differences with the Federal Reserve and its issuance of fiat money. Paul stands alone among the candidates as having an understanding of monetary theory and policy and will not bend to pressures from market groups to create new money out of nothing.

See other endorsements here.

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Matt Letten writes:

The first candidates name was Fredmitt McGiulihuck. This candidate is an advocate for bankruptcy, warrant-less wire tapping, and attacking nations with aggressive war. He believes in policing the world, and thinks fanatic Muslims hate us because of our freedom.

Candidate number two goes by the name Ron Paul. He is a 10 term Congressman from Texas. He is an advocate for freedom, peace, and prosperity. This man is well read and researched on America’s foreign policy, and believes in learning from history. He seeks to restore our standing with the world, and restore the civil liberties that Fredmitt McGiulihuck has been taking away.

It looks like Faux News will be holding a circle jerk for the fascists tonight. How can a bunch of thugs agreeing with one another be considered a debate?  Better yet, how can anyone watching find it remotely interesting?

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McCain hits up his sugar-daddy, the military-industrial complex, for money and votes in New Hampshire. First by visiting a large military vendor, then by telling voters that he wants to be in Iraq for 100 years:

More info on walnuts McCain here.

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Even though Ron Paul handily defeated Fruity Rudy, who they consider a “top-tier” candidate, in the recent Iowa Caucuses, Faux News is still banning Dr. Paul from their upcoming pro-fascist agreement session they are dubbing a “forum” or “debate”.

The New Hampshire GOP is so disgusted with Fox that they are withdrawing their support:

“The New Hampshire Republican Party believes Congressmen Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter should be included in the FOX forum on Sunday evening. Our mutual efforts to resolve this difference have failed.”

“While we understand that FOX News continues to move forward it is with regret, the New Hampshire Republican Party hereby withdraws as a partner in this forum.”

Join the boycott here, here and here.

Contact the FCC here.

More info here and here.

This isn’t the first time for Faux News either, go here for a video.

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