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Max Keiser talks about the G-20 meeting, Hank Paulson and fraudulent bonds.



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Hugo Salinas Price on falling international reserves:

if the Reserves are no longer growing but diminishing, this might indicate that the exporting countries are no longer buying and accumulating more US, British and European debt. If they are not accumulating more foreign currency bonds and debt, then the fiscal deficits of the US, the Brits and the European Union countries are no longer being funded – especially important to the US, which is running an immense fiscal deficit, what with the US Treasury going into debt like a drunken sailor on account of the need to bail-out all and sundry debtors.

Now if the US deficit is not being funded, then that means that the fiscal deficit is simply being monetized by the Fed.

The central banksters know the end of their criminal counterfeiting cabal is near. The scary part is what they will replace it with when their puppets conspire on November 15.

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