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Robert Wenzel reports:

As far as Germany putting a ban on all naked short-selling, it will suffocate many legitimate market makers and make the markets less liquid and efficient, and make them much more volatile. It will do nothing to make it easier for Greece or the other PIIGS to pay their bills. Naked short selling has nothing to do with the PIIGS crisis. The PIIGS are in crisis because of their own doing.

The real issue is they (PIIGS and banksters) are bankrupt due to spending more money than they have and making poor investment decisions. They are at fault, not investors profiting from their irresponsible behavior.

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Robert Wenzel reports:

The heavyweights want a report from the Treasury Secretary, including David Rockefeller and Lynn Forester de Rothschild (Forester was introduced to soon to be husband, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, by Henry Kissinger at the 1998 Bilderberg Group conference in Scotland. They spent their honeymoon at the White House.)

The Obama regime will likely be praised for their help in bailing out the EU, which is critical to the globalists. They will also probably be directed to continue the destruction of the dollar and U.S. economy so that the much delayed North American Union can finally be sold to the peasants.

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Paul Joseph Watson reports:

Credibility in the agenda to impose global economic governance run by the Nazi-founded Bank for International Settlements rests in upholding confidence in the Euro. If the Euro collapses and ceases to exist, which many financial experts are now seriously predicting, then the entire raison d’être for centralized economic planning in pursuit of global governance will be completely discredited. The globalists must save the Euro in order to legitimize future plans for a North American Union single currency which will replace the dollar.

When the dollar sank to alarming lows against other global currencies little over two years ago, we saw none of the same concern or hand-wringing on behalf of the elite as we are seeing for the Euro. That’s because the survival of the dollar is not part of their framework of global economic governance. For all the elite cares, the dollar can crash and burn but rescuing the Euro from the same fate is imperative. Indeed, it appears as if the chaos in Greece is being deliberately provoked and hyped in order to justify the continued re-alignment and centralization of the entire financial system into fewer globalist hands.


It’s horribly ironic that the Euro, global economic governance, and the entire European project was sold under the justification that centralization meant stability, and yet now we are being told that the chaos in Greece is contagious and could spread to Spain, Portugal and Italy unless taxpayers are looted for billions and trillions more.

Which is why they are being bailed out. Conveniently, the bailout itself is a huge step towards a more centralized global economic system. I suspect the entire “crisis” was engineered for this purpose.

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Do you?

Source: Michael Rivero

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Barry Ritholtz writes:

It turns out that both regions are welfare states — only in Europe, the natural population (i.e., people) is the recipient, while in the US, the corporate population is the beneficiary.

Which really means the US is fascist:

“…fascism seeks to incorporate or co-opt private ownership into the state apparatus through public-private partnership” – Roderick T. Long

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini

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First Iceland, now Latvia:

Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis, who presented his resignation to President Valdis Zatlers on Friday, had been in power only since December 2007. But the precipitous plunge of Latvia’s economy, which helped provoke the worst riot since 1991 last month, played a major part in the government’s downfall.

Good for the rioters.

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Jacob Steelman writes:

Mr. Brown wants the Middle East oil producers and China to assist in contributing to the bailouts taking place in the United States and Europe. In calling for such contributions Mr. Brown is effectively admitting the United States and Europe are broke and have exhausted their government (and central bank) resources in an effort to cure this massive market correction (frequently called a recession, deep recession or even depression) which has been underway since August 2007.

The overall solution:

It is time to adopt a global currency for a global economy – a private asset-based currency rather than a fiat currency which is subject to political whim, manipulation and wild swings in value resulting in massive malinvestments and destruction of savings. It is time to return to gold as the global private currency for our global economy. Eliminate fiat currency, eliminate fractional reserve banking, eliminate central banks and their government sponsored banking cartel which has brought about this massive destruction of wealth.

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