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Ever notice how the government will revise a figure weeks after it first hits the headlines?  Recently these revisions have been drastically on the negative side and rarely receive the amount of media attention as the initial, much rosier figures.  Case in point: the surprise increase in February retail sales. Michael Panzner reveals why the numbers were so good:

Absent the [January] revision, the February numbers would have constituted a decline.

After boobus absorbs how much better they want you to believe the economy is getting, watch for a quiet February downward revision to make March look even better.


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Via EconomicPolicyJournal.com:

This is a revolutionary new daily source of spin-free hard data about the demand side of the economy. It does not involve any governmental sources. It does not utilize ‘seasonal adjustments’ (all numbers are year-over-year). It is simply based on real-time U.S. consumer transactions…

Their website here.

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This video is a visualization of Matt Taibbi’s “The Great American Bubble Machine

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Recessions don’t have to bring all bad news. Here are some VERY positive developments:

Bring on the depression!

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The FDIC is preparing for a huge wave of small bank “failures” in the Midwest:

The FDIC is opening up a massive new satellite office in the Chicago area that will be dedicated to managing receiverships and liquidating assets from failed Midwest banks… The office space that the FDIC is leasing is well over 100,000 square feet and will employ approximately 500 temporary employees and contractors.


The FDIC has already opened similar offices in Irvine, California and Jacksonville, Florida. Each time, the number of bank failures in those states increased dramatically after the FDIC opened those facilities.

These “failures” are almost always forced takeovers by the FDIC where the assets are then redistributed to much larger banks for pennies on the dollar. The same thing happened in the depression of the 30’s and is the whole purpose of the current engineered “crisis”.

For the first wave of bank coups, see the archives on this blog. Many more to come it appears.

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“In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation.”Alan Greenspan

“It makes no difference to a widow with her savings in a 5 percent passbook account whether she pays 100 percent income tax on her interest income during a period of zero inflation or pays no income tax during years of 5 percent inflation. Either way, she is ‘taxed’ in a manner that leaves her no real income whatsoever. Any money she spends comes right out of capital. She would find outrageous a 100 percent income tax but doesn’t seem to notice that 5 percent inflation is the economic equivalent.”Warren Buffett “How Inflation Swindles the Investor,” Fortune, May, 1977

Ironically Greenspan was directly responsible for inflation while serving as Fed chairman and Buffett now advocates, and profits from, inflationary bailouts.

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As Michael Rivero says:

There are two possibilities here.

1. The wrecking of your lives is intentional by design of the government.

2. The wrecking of your lives in accidental by incompetency of the government.

Either way, you are screwed and the government is to blame.

Details no longer matter.

The goal is to destroy the current system so that power and wealth can be further consolidated.

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