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Bareback Hussein Osama exposed by Karen De Coster:

I can see an Obama dictatorship banning vehicles that don’t conform to his latest policy platform; limiting food supplies to the people that can pay for it; and launching a program to forcibly end the era of the comfy “72-degree house.” That any presidential candidate is talking about this stuff (such as “we are eating too much”) is, as you said Jim, completely insane.

I wonder if such a statement means that Obama and his global warming alarmist cohorts in D.C. have given up their fine dining and expensive food habits? Nah. Does this mean an Obama White House will make do with boxed macaroni & cheese and frozen dinners instead of a very large staff of Chefs and food preparers and the highest-quality food anywhere? Of course not – the Kings will continue to live like Kings, and the rest of us will have our food rationed and our furnaces tapped into by the government.

Scary shit, if you ask me.


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Those that think the Patriot Act is in any way legal, moral or necessary need to watch the film Unconstitutional: The War on Our Civil Liberties. Bush and his regime are war criminals and need to be charged accordingly.

One of the many lies we were given for invading Iraq was that we were going to “liberate” the Iraqi people from a “brutal dictator”. The irony is that the United States needs to be liberated itself. The American people are far too ignorant to do it themselves.

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