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Ron Paul has a few questions for his colleagues:


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Jim Azzola writes:

Ron answers questions from callers, some of whom were not that sympathetic.

RP was egalitarian in blaming the Dems and Repubs for the overspending in DC. When asked to make a comment about special interests writing laws to favor themselves, RP gives a great explanation about making government smaller.

One guy said the people’s only recourse against monopoly is AntiTrust Regulations, calling Ron a “Useful Idiot for Wall Street.” Ron’s explanation was fantastic; he said the only true monopoly is government sponsored, and that govt should sponsor free entry into the market. He could have amplified on this point by explaining that regulations are often pushed by big corporations to build a protective moat and prevent smaller competition from entering the market, an anticompetitive tactic.

One caller thought Ron was a Senator, not a Congressman!

The outrage from ordinary folks about the bailouts and the deficits, the wars and the corporate welfare was manifest.

One socialist-leaning woman said that RP’s ideology of “Govt is the problem” is absurdity. She says the problem is that politicians aren’t willing to govern. Ron flatly denied that socialism is the answer, and explained how bad the response of the 1930’s was. Interesting, too that she superficially associated Ron with Reagan, and Ron didn’t miss his chance to state how he voted against the Gipper’s massive spending programs.

Ron’s take on the Republican leadership is that they are receptive to Ron’s revolution.

Another observation is that fully half of the callers didn’t seem to be familiar with what Ron Paul was all about and yet they agreed with his opinions! This is an opportunity!

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Ron Paul on the planned aggression against Iran:

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