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After Tuesday’s primaries in Texas and Ohio, Arizona Senator John McCain has been assured of the Republican nomination at the Convention this September. This inevitability has rankled many of us in the GOP who have long been unhappy with McCain’s drifting from conservative principles.

I agree with the sentiment of my future colleague, Senator John Cornyn of Texas, who basically said he will reluctantly support Senator McCain because he agrees with him on far more issues than collectivists like Senator Barack Obama or Senator Hillary Clinton. The truth is, the GOP base will grudgingly vote for McCain, but they will never forget his “inconsistent conservatism”. Let’s keep in mind, McCain is the only Republican Senator to vote against the initial Bush tax cuts and his “Gang of 14” prevented conservative appointments to the judiciary. We know he is not a Constitutional Conservative with his legislative endeavors such as his attack on the First Amendment through McCain-Feingold, his amnesty for illegal aliens through McCain-Kennedy and the liberal fringe environmental proposal called McCain-Lieberman.

What the conservative majority of this country needs to focus on now is to add support to Senators Cornyn, DeMint, Coburn, and other conservatives in the United States Senate this November. This is one of the reasons I am running for the United States Senate in New Jersey against one of the most liberal Senators – Frank Lautenberg. I will be a Constitutional Conservative in the United States Senate.

As a straight shooter, the simple fact is McCain must be watched very closely. For all we know, he could pick a liberal Joe Lieberman as his running mate. But whomever he picks, McCain must be put on notice that conservative Republican legislators on Capitol Hill will be watching his every move. If he drifts in the direction of Clinton or Obama the American people and our economy will be in serious trouble. That’s why we need a firewall; principled conservatives in the Senate to halt his liberal legislative dance with partners Russ Feingold and Ted Kennedy before the music even begins.

The only way that we can put this country back on the right track is by Legalizing Freedom once again. We must secure our borders both North and South; provide federal education tax credits to introduce competition into the failed educational bureaucracy, and eliminate penalizing taxes, wasteful spending, and harmful regulations stagnating economic growth. No matter who ends up as President, we can only accomplish this agenda by selecting true conservatives as Republican candidates for the United States Congress, especially the Senate. Respected organizations like the Club for Growth realize this, and are working hard to bring a conservative agenda to Congress. Republican Senators like Coburn, Cornyn and DeMint need more support. There are still elections where conservatives can have an impact. In New Mexico there is a battle between a liberal Arlen Spector-Republican, named Heather Wilson versus a Ronal Reagan Republican Congressman named Steve Pearce. In New Jersey, the choice is between a big government Republican, named Joe Pennacchio versus a Ronald Reagan Republican – me.

Like it or not, John McCain has a decent shot of ending up in the White House. While he represents a far better alternative than Obama or Clinton, his past track record on conservative issues will keep me and many other Republican watchdogs up at night. So if his proposed budgets do not include significant cuts in spending, an elimination of the deficit, and a plan to roll back tax hikes, he can count on zero support from me and other strong conservative Senators. We may all be Republicans, but when it comes to the economic future of the American people, we will always put “Country before Party”.

Murray Sabrin, Ph.D., Fort Lee, NJ

Dr. Sabrin is a Republican candidate for the United States Senate in New Jersey.


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