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First it was Russell Mokhiber, now it is the human rat himself: David Weigel. He somehow confuses lewrockwell.com as being a conservative site. But then again, this is the same moron that thinks Bob Barr is a libertarian.

Why in the world would these people insist that libertarianism is in any way associated with the “far-right” when it is obvious that, if anything, it is on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum? That is, if you are only capable of conceptualizing in one dimension.


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Geoffrey Pike writes:

Bob Barr never fully repudiated many of the awful positions he took in the past. He certainly sounded better than McCain or Obama on the campaign trail, but he always left much to be desired. He talked about smaller government, but most of the things he said could have been said by any establishment Republican candidate. Ronald Reagan probably sounded more radical in his time than Bob Barr has this past year. Why would people get excited about a third-party candidate, who has no shot of winning, when his ideas aren’t even that radical or exciting?


The ironic thing is that this could have truly been a breakout year for the Libertarian Party. I don’t want to put words into Ron Paul’s mouth, but I have a feeling that if Mary Ruwart had been the nominee, then she would have received an endorsement from Ron Paul. Either way though, she would have been a perfect place to go for a large number of the approximately 1.2 million people that voted for Ron Paul in the primaries. She would have been a rallying point for the liberty movement, much as Ron Paul was in the primaries. But regardless of the number of supporters and voters she would have received, she would have continued to educate people and had people excited about freedom, just as Ron Paul did in his campaign.

The Reform Caucus (aka Retard, or Deform, Caucus) implanted Barr in the most corrupt manner. They got what they deserved.

Now that their idiotic theory of putting a non-libertarian on the ticket has proved to be a huge failure, perhaps they will go crawling back to the Repuglicrats from where they came.

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joellevand writes:

The Libertarians had a good chance this year to pick a charismatic, dynamic speaker — or a woman or a former Democrat, both of which would have pulled in more voters — but they picked anti-liberty, pro-Christian Bob Barr, thus losing plenty of voters such as myself. Bob Barr was the worst choice ever, morons.

And they were warned.

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Rick Fisk writes:

Many of you may not know this, but Bob Barr lost his congressional seat due to an organized LP effort to defeat himself and other “drug warriors” in office. Since that time, Barr has allegedly reformed and sought the nomination of the very Party which managed to unseat him. Barr’s current communications director, Shane Corey was driven out of the Libertarian Party leadership for advocating larger government intrusions into our lives and a perpetuation of the war against terrorism. He also was accused of orchestrating a smear-campaign against Mary Ruwart, a candidate competing against Barr for the LP nomination. Smear campaigns are a normal routine in politics lately. However, the fact that this particular smear originated from the LP leadership, calls into question the objectivity of the Party’s power-elite. That Corey eventually ended up working for Barr’s campaign is just more fodder for speculation. It can’t be easily explained.

Barr, a former CIA agent, voted for the PATRIOT act while in Congress and prosecuted hundreds of citizens who ran afoul of the nation’s drug laws while he was a federal prosecutor. His track record as a leader for the cause of liberty is barren. And to top off a dubious set of career accomplishments, the tactics he has used to gain the LP nomination are suspect.


Whether or not Barr and his clan’s efforts are intentional, they are destroying the Libertarian Party’s ability to even remotely advance the cause of liberty. Russ Verney and Bob Barr would have you believe that this is the result of “true leadership.” Well, if that’s their idea of leadership, then I’ll stand behind Ron Paul, Cynthia McKinney, Chuck Baldwin and Ralph Nader before I would stand next to either of those two.

Funny how one of the key ex-Repugs that infiltrated, and destroyed, the Reform Party is also a key player in Barf’s campaign.

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Chris Brunner writes:

By committing to attend Congressman Paul’s press conference only to declare minutes before hand that “it just isn’t worth it.” This is according to Don Rasmussen, Events Coordinator of the Campaign for Liberty.

Bob Barr has been slamming Dr. Paul publicly since he won the formerly-libertarian party nomination, but this seems to have offended more Ron Paul supporters than anything he has done so far.

For those who don’t know, Barr spent much of his life jailing people on behalf of the federal government for possessing substances that the state disapproves of, before recently “seeing the light”. Even since his supposed revelation, he has praised the troop surge, argued for intervention in Iran and South America, advocated a national sales tax, and voted for the PATRIOT Act twice. This just scratches the surface, of course.

With that said, it’s probably for the best that he didn’t show up today.

Bob Barr is a CIA asset (worked for them for 10 years, probably still does) that infiltrated the Libertarian Party for the sole purpose of putting a lid on the momentum Ron Paul is building.

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Wow!  What a good time the Rally for the Republic was.  I arrived on Saturday to do some pre-rally exploring and found the local police-state to be overwhelming, yet friendly.  It was the kind of thing you were warned existed only in evil countries such as the Soviet Union when you were growing up.  Yet here it was, on the streets of Minneapolis in the United States of Amerika.  Cops dressed in military costumes everywhere you looked and in very large numbers.  Creepy.

Monday I ran into libertarian greats such as Angela Keaton and Anthony Gregory. We had lunch and some beers prior to attending the Celebration in Blaine. Good music was heard with Aimee Allen being the highlight of the night with her Ron Paul song. I suspect a good 1,000 – 2,000 were in attendance despite the very odd location. The neocon rag Reason was represented by the human rat himself, David Weigel. He was right in front of me talking to Angela when I wanted to blurt out: “Hey Weigel, are you here to trash Ron Paul again?”. Sure enough: here, here and here.

The after party was held back in Minneapolis at Clubhouse Jäger owned by a Ron Paul supporter. Steve Dore played and hundreds of Ron Paul supporters packed in. I stayed until about 1am hoping Ron Paul would show, but didn’t. I did have the honor of speaking with the founder of the Revolution, Ernie Hancock.  Great guy.  Butler Shaffer was there as well, although I didn’t get a chance to meet him.


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Not only ideologically, but financially bankrupt as well. Susan Davis reports:

In perhaps the most desperate sounding e-mail solicitation yet this election cycle, third party Libertarian candidate Bob Barr’s campaign manager sent out a plea today to supporters to raise $15,000 each day this week—or else.

Under the subject line, “Have I said or done something to offend you?” Russ Verney writes, “You see, I have to report that unless we receive and immediate cash infusion of $85,000, our progress will stop dead in its tracks. To be very blunt, I am presently faced with bills equaling our bank account balance, and I know there are many more expenses on the horizon.”

“Progess will stop” if these sleaze-balls aren’t able to con a bunch of gullible idiots into sending them $85k immediately? Is that a promise?

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