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The following poll reminded me of Ron Paul’s campaign for the 2008 presidential election:

Ron Paul won virtually every internet poll. Not only that, but he won virtually every straw poll physically attended by Repugs as well. When I say “won”, I mean WON – by a large margin. But sure enough, the “official” poll results showed him bringing in only a small percentage of the vote. And sure enough, the final vote reflected those “official” poll numbers.

This has me wondering if MSM internet polls aren’t really put out there to test the waters, so to speak, to determine how much vote rigging needs to be done to make the “official” vote count match the “official” poll numbers on election night. What do you think?


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Butler Shaffer writes:

Those who have yet to understand the vacuous nature of electoral politics need only pay attention to the current presidential circus. I don’t know what additional evidence would need to be presented to demonstrate how elections serve but one purpose: to reinforce the delusion that members of the public have anything to say about the nature of the government that rules them. Anything disruptive of the placid mindset upon which the Establishment has grounded its domination of others must be eliminated. This is why Ron Paul has been dealt with as he has by the lapdog media.


In our Marshall McLuhan universe, public opinion polls have become substitutes for critical thinking. This election will amount to little more than a popular referendum on whether people prefer the mindset of Oprah Winfrey or Bill O’Reilly.

The election process is rigged to give you the illusion of a choice when in reality the choices are exactly the same.

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Via Newsmax:

Newsmax’s Internet primary poll of the Republican race for president is released today – with more than 400,000 respondents to our non-scientific survey.

With 23% of the vote, Congressman Ron Paul wins our online survey. Paul has the most aggressive internet presence of any Republican candidate and has already won several online polls, not to mention raising $20 million last quarter, mostly online.

More than 400,000 respondents.

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Via IndependentPrimary.com:

IndependentPrimary.com is designed to measure the impact of independent minded voters on the presidential election and give independent voters a vehicle to express their preference in a national independent primary.

In national polls, more than 42% of Americans self-identify as independents. Many Republicans and Democrats are independent thinkers – they vote for the person, not the party.


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TechCrunch wants to provide a voice for digital policy and technology issues in the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, and so we’ve decided to hold our own political primaries online. Voting will be open from Tuesday, December 18 through midnight pst Friday, January 18. TechCrunch will endorse one candidate from each the Democratic and Republican party as the “Tech President” candidate based on the popular results of reader voting and blog input from our community of technology leaders and entrepreneurs.


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Ron Paul wins the Aiken County Republican straw poll (12/20/07). Here are the results:

Ron Paul: 31 (#1)
Fred Thompson: 29 (#2)
Mike Huckabee: 18 (#3)
Mitt Romney: 12
Rudy Giuliani: 6
John McCain: 6

Local media coverage here.

More straw poll results here.

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William Gaillard writes:

Republican hopefuls are chasing the Democrats’ Hillary Clinton. Marvelous.

Now, where is Ron Paul in all of this heady discussion about these Republican “leaders,” as it were?

The “polls” say he is at about 4 percent. Whose polls? AP? Gallup? Fox News? Certainly not us.

These so-called polls are as biased and abusive as their sponsors.

The ugly and awful truth of the matter is that Ron Paul has actually won each and every televised GOP debate to date, and the GOP establishment is too embarrassed to admit it or even back him against the Democrat hopefuls.

As an analogy, this is clearly a case of the Oscars vs. the People’s Choice. However, the People’s Choice Award does not have to hire a Big Seven accounting firm to conceal the ballots. The “people’s poll” is winning this one hands down, and Ron Paul is leading the way.

Pity the losers of the Iowa caucuses and upcoming primaries. I give my support to Ron Paul for president of these United States.

More on fake polls here.

For REAL polls, go here.

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