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This was in his hometown of Searchlight, Nevada. Did the MSM “news” cover this? Highly doubtful.


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The Southern Avenger on why there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two:

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Now that the criminals in the District of Corruption have passed monopoly guarantees for the largest drug and insurance companies, it is time for your state to nullify. Some are already starting the process:

In case you missed the news [Idaho] passed and signed a nullification law yesterday called the Idaho Health Care Freedom Act. Virginia is expected to follow. Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee are expected to pass a similar law. 22 other states are debating the law, and it is expected to pass in Texas, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming and a number of others. California is also considering such a law. Although it is nearly certain that the federal courts, and the Supreme Court, would nullify Obamacare as a gross overreaching of federal power, it is clear that state legislatures are going to demand respect for their sovereignty on their own, not relying on the federal court what is obvious to them today, now, immediately.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” – The Tenth Amendment

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This moron is still in office? Why?


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Howard Katz’s letter to his congressional criminal:

The Congress of the United States will soon be voting on the subject of a Federal Government health care plan. There has never been such a thing in American history, and I hope you are giving careful consideration to your vote.

Socialized medicine first appeared in Germany in 1880-81, sponsored first by the Social Democrat Party and later by Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. The German Government undertook to provide free health care for all of its citizens. Over time this became more and more expensive. Finally the Government got the idea of saving money by killing those people who were expensive to treat. This was called “mercy killing” and killed about 100,000 Germans over the course of the 1930s. This killing program later expanded into what we today call the Holocaust.

The Social Democrats who championed this program made a big show of being full of love and were what we today call bleeding hearts. One hundred years ago Germany was considered a “progressive” country because of such programs. Then, to everyone’s surprise, Germany turned from the country of love into the country of hate and launched a world war to make itself the master race. Adolf Hitler himself was a Social Democrat and up to the age of 29 considered himself a bleeding heart. In one week, he converted from a person of love to a person of hate, and the rest of Germany followed him.

Other countries imitated German socialized medicine. They all ran into the same problem (of cost), and all of them solved it in the same way. Kill those people expensive to treat. Other nations did not carry it as far as Germany. They kill people in more subtle ways. But given the absurd expenses run up by a government operated health care system, no one has ever found a way to control costs except by killing people.

Shamefully, this issue is now being discussed in America. In the Sept. 21, 2009 issue of Newsweek Magazine, Evan Thomas wrote an article entitled,


“We cannot afford to sustain a productive economy with so much money going to health care.” [p. 39]

For myself, I hold with the Ten Commandments, which state,”


There’s your choice: Adolf Hitler or the Ten Commandments. I expect there is justice in this world (as there turned out to be for Hitler), and I urge you to vote against any further government intrusion into health care in America.

Why must these psychopaths force their will on everyone else?

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He’s been released from prison where the rest of his ex-colleagues belong.

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Phillip D. Collins wrote:

Foreign policy commentator Robert Kagan once observed that this false dichotomy represents “two variations of the same worldview.” The dialectical commonalities exhibited by Republicans and Democrats bear out this contention. Neither party is interested in dismantling the labyrinthine machinations of Big Government or restoring the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. Both are merely committed to the maintenance of their two-party political cartel.

As obvious as it is, there is an incredibly large number of people that allow themselves to be brainwashed into believing there is a difference between the two.

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