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From the video’s description:

The Big Brother State is an educational film about what politicians claim to be protection of our freedom but what we refer to as repressive legislation.

Since terrorism has become a global threat, especially after 9/11, governments all over the world have started enforcing laws which, so the governments say, should increase national security.

These laws obviously aim at another goal: the states gaining more and more control of their citizens at the cost of our privacy and freedom.


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By David and Lita

  1. Total debt and unfunded liabilities in the US economy are reaching nearly 50 Trillion dollars for the public sector and another 30 Trillion for the private sector. Unless your family can pay it’s million dollar share of the bill, it doesn’t take a genius to see that the US is set up for an economic disaster in the next few years exactly like the one Ron Paul has been loudly warning about.
  2. Ron Paul is an experienced doctor and understands the needs of the medical industry as well as all the BS that drives up prices and causes costs to spiral out of control.
  3. Ron Paul is a senior citizen, and understands the needs of the elderly, but also the fraud like ponzi scheme underlying the Social Security system.
  4. Ron Paul is the 2nd highest rated congressman by taxpayer advocates.
  5. Ron Paul is the highest rated congressman by technology groups.
  6. Ron Paul has the support of many people who hate the war in Iraq because he voted against the Iraq War Resolution.
  7. Ron Paul has the support of many who love the war in Iraq. Why? Even the most staunch advocates of the war realize that the US can no longer win this war on credit like we did against the old USSR. It must be based on a stable long term economic prosperity where printed up money can’t over saturate society with bond backed debt or inflation. He is also an outspoken opponent of the UN, and they have back-stabbed US interests in Iraq many times.
  8. Living in Texas, Ron Paul isn’t clueless about immigration issues.
  9. Ron Paul has the Libertarian vote locked up.
  10. All of those are good reasons, but the main reason is that the powers that be in the US aren’t stupid. When the US dollar suffers it’s pre-destined currency-collapse/ great-depression, all the tried and true BS excuses won’t fly. There will be trillions of dollars worth of pressure to do something about it, and all that pressure will take the political form of supporting Ron Paul who understands that the Federal Reserve is full of it, and that gold is money that can’t be fraudulently watered down.

The US is not like other economies. When Argentina ruins their currency, investors just pull out and park it in the States, but when the things go to hell in the States there will be few options. Europe and Japan will go down with us because our economies are inter-connected; China, India, and Brazil don’t have enough economic freedoms to support an exit strategy; and the rest of the world is either too small or too messed up to handle it. That means there is only one option, a trillion dollar fight to the death to kick Washington DC’s ass and force them to get their act together. Ron Pauls position to kill the income tax, most Cabinet departments and the Federal Reserve is just the kind of ass kicking the doctor ordered.


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Brought to you by The Satirical Political Report.

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Via Vigilant Investor

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images.jpgAfter Ron Paul was getting too many votes in their bogus poll a couple weeks ago, 2008HorseRace.com (or more appropriately, 2008HoaxRace) removed, banned and defamed Ron Paul on their website. Alleging that their poor little feelings were hurt when people expressed displeasure, they went so far as to label the Honorable Dr. Ron Paul an “Ass”. If you hadn’t quite figured out how childish neocons were up until now, this is a prime example.

Now that their little temper tantrum has subsided, they decided to graciously reinstate Ron Paul’s name to their poll. The only problem is, the new poll is grossly fraudulent.

After Dr. Paul’s name was added, observers noted that his vote totals were quickly dwindling. He went from 103 votes down to 60. Then again from 69 votes to 64. And finally from 9 votes down to 2, where his vote total stands at the time of this writing. Another prime example of neocon tactics.

As I said before, Ron Paul scares the hell out of the big-government socialists. They will use every dirty, rotten and immoral trick in the book to try to keep him down. The good thing is, Ron Paul’s supporters aren’t putting up with their nonsense this time – and that is reason to be optimistic. The more the statists reveal their true nature, the stronger Ron Paul’s support becomes.

UPDATE: For a legitimate poll, go here.

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There is a video, posted on YouTube by MIKEHUNTdotTV, circulating around the internet dubbed as the “entire video”, which isn’t true. That video has 20 minutes cut out of it, while this video is the full 30 minutes:

Ron Paul announces candidacy on C-SPAN

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Chuck Hagel decided not to announce his candidacy for President today while Ron Paul announced. However if you were unfortunate enough to pay any attention to the mainstream media circus you would be under the impression that Hagel was the only candidate to make any news. I think one Ron Paul supporter knows why:

According to Hardball, Hagel is the only Anti-War, Pro-Civil liberties candidate running for the Republican Primary. But, just how Anti-war and Anti-police state is he? Look at his Voting record, compared to the voting record of Ron Paul. He voted for the Military Commissions Act! Ron Paul is the only true Anti-War, Pro-Civil Liberties candidate.

For a brief comparison of Hagel vs Paul votes, go here. Digg the comparison here.

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