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Think the Fed’s QE1 and QE2 will cause hyper-inflation? I did, until I read Jeffrey Rogers Hummel’s recent paper “Ben Bernanke Versus Milton Friedman”. Bernanke is simply shuffling paper around to bail out his bankster buddies and he is doing it without increasing the money supply – despite popular belief.

As impressive as that is, there is a severe downside. The Fed-manufactured crises of 2008 has literally made them the economy’s central planners. Here is an excerpt from Hummel’s paper:

Under the old central planning—which performed so poorly in the Soviet Union, Communist China, and other command economies—the government attempted to manage production and the supply of goods and services. Under the new central planning, the Fed attempts to manage the financial system and the supply and allocation of credit.


But now with Bernanke, the central planning aspect of central banking has become far more encompassing. As George Selgin put it in an interview, “the Fed . . . has morphed into a central planning agency with a corporate welfare department.”

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Via solari.com:

Congress slipped in a provision that requires every non-tax-exempt business in the US to provide by January 31 of each year an information return (usually, a 1099) to every payee to which it makes aggregate payments of $600 or more during a calendar year, effective for 2012.


Is the goal to so overload small business with compliance costs that you put them out of business? We think so.

All government regulation (aka “reform”) is designed to create and maintain monopolies. This is how fascism works.

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini

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Do you?

Source: Michael Rivero

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Another example from David Kramer:

Bankster puppet Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) has inserted into the upcoming financial “reform” bill a clause that would more than double the minimum net worth of a potential venture capital investor…

We wouldn’t want those pesky poorer folks given the same opportunities as the rich.

The purpose of regulation is to benefit the few (rich, corporations) at the expense of the many.

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William Anderson writes:

As economists such as George Stigler and Sam Peltzman pointed out, regulation has the effect of offering protection to regulated firms, but also serving to keep out competitors. In other words, contra Krugman, regulation creates what in effect are government-sponsored cartels. From this, we see “Capture Theory” emerging, as the regulated industries and their government regulators form a tag team that operates to the benefit of the people in the system — and against consumers.

Yet proponents of regulation claim it protects the consumer. More double-speak in this bizarre world.

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Revisiting American History documents the conversion of the US into a monolithic financial empire as the Federal Reserve Act created a monopolized cartel of private interests, “Wall Street,” that controls all money in the system. This killed Jeffersonian ideals and allowed vertical Hamiltonian forces to have free reign to consolidate power and wealth. It explains how this is an empire system where the top Wall Street banks are analogous to feudal lords and multi-national corporations are their feudal knights out conquering territories. It rewrites American History books.

Parts 2-4 here.

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Partisan “economist” Paul Krugman admits Obamacare created death panels and their purpose is to save money:

More on Paul Krugman here.

(At least he is being honest for a change!)

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FRANK MIELE reports:

But what Congress did was establish an individual mandate that every citizen must buy health insurance as a condition of citizenship. This is an unprecedented abuse of power in the 221-year history of our precious Constitution.

Nor, for that matter, can Congress claim that it is using its power to regulate interstate commerce to justify this new law. Commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services. But what this strange law does is claim that anyone who chooses NOT to buy a good or service (namely, health insurance) is breaking the law. This is not regulation of interstate commerce, but dictatorship.

Obama = Benito Mussolini II

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Mark Van Schuyver, Ph.D. writes:

In just over a year the Obama Administration has assumed control of the health care industry, the banking industry, the finance industry, the automobile industry, the student loan industry, the credit card industry, and has big plans to control the energy industry with cap and trade and other legislation. The health care law socializes medicine and therefore takes choice, property, and freedom away from individuals and puts life and death in the hands of government bureaucrats. Welcome to the tyranny of Obamacare.

Welcome to fascism.

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The poor fascist criminals that passed the largest tax increase since WWII, aka health care reform, cry about receiving death threats from their victims. Yet they fail to acknowledge that their legislation is a death threat to us all.

Robert Wenzel explains in a letter to Congresswoman Louise Slaughter.

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