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Some history they don’t teach in schools or report about in the media:

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Via chinadaily.com.cn:

Google’s withdrawal is not a purely commercial act. The incident has from the beginning been implicated in Washington’s political games with China.


Given that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have no access to the Chinese Internet market, the White House believes that Google alone cannot play a large role in China as it did in Georgia and Iran.


Google’s accusations against China are completely groundless. The company has so far failed to submit any convincing evidence of the Chinese government-aided hacker attacks on its search engine.

The article goes on to point out how hypocritical Google is being considering they routinely share user information with governments around the world and also help them censor search results.

The bottom line is Google never gained popularity in China so they pulled out. This move was encouraged by the Obama regime because they realized the CIA would not be able to conspire with Google to manipulate the Chinese public – as done in countries like Georgia and Iran.

The CIA version of the story is at Business Week.

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Kurt Nimmo reports:

Lewd references to Eric Massa and 24/7 coverage of mindless bread and circuses covered by the corporate media are no mistake. By the early 1950s, the CIA owned the corporate media and used it to promulgate propaganda.

Former Wall Street lawyer Frank Wisner created Operation Mockingbird in 1948 and recruited Philip Graham of the Washington Post to run the project. Mockingbird eventually controlled news reported by the New York Times, Newsweek, the New York Herald Tribune, Time Magazine, and hundreds of other newspapers and magazines in the United States and around the world.

By the 1950s, according to Alex Constantine (Mockingbird: The Subversion Of The Free Press By The CIA), “some 3,000 salaried and contract CIA employees were eventually engaged in propaganda efforts.” Wisner was also able to restrict newspapers from reporting about certain events. For example, the CIA plots to overthrow the governments of Iran and Guatemala.

Want to do something about it? Turn off the boob tube and cancel all your “mainstream media” subscriptions.

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The U.S. continues to terrorize the world; their latest victim being Iran:

At least 49 people were killed today, including six high ranking members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, and dozens of others were wounded in a suicide attack in Sistan-Balochistan.

The attack was the deadliest in the region since a May attack on a Shi’ite mosque in the mostly Sunni province. Iran’s state media is reporting that Jundallah has taken credit for today’s attack.

Jundallah is a Baloch separatist group which operates on both the Iranian and Pakistani sides of the border. The group, which once boasted of ties with al-Qaeda, has been supported by the United States since at least 2005.

Which makes perfect sense considering Osama was a CIA employee.

More on the U.S. backed Jundallah, or Jandullah, here and here.

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As if any president isn’t, otherwise they wouldn’t have become president.

The sole purpose of the CIA is to control the political process, both domestically and abroad.

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George Ure writes:

If an informed reader has any memory at all, the adventure of the ‘disappearance” of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and his re-emergence after admitting to an affair in Argentina, brings into focus a very interesting question. Are we seeing another application of what in the alphabet agency/spy business is called a “honey pot” operation?

If I were looking at one of my computer reference books like Head First Design Patterns, I’d have to at least ask the question am I seeing a dandy way for the PTB to put those who get in the way of the globalist agenda to single out and destroy opposition? Why, it’d be far more efficient than assassination or disappearances, although there’s enough wet-work to bring those along, too, in one remembers Dr. David Kelly and those missing microbiologists, but that’s a whole different branch of the global railroad.


Either there’s a class of politician that is so smart in politics as to make it into high office, yet dumb enough that along comes a good looking woman and they wander off following their pechusezelwhackers (* it’s an old fire house term analogous to “Johnson”) in a testosterone fog OR if you want to get a hot affair going, all you need to do is be in a position to challenge the PTB paradigm and hotties will be sent in to take you down…and then…er…take you down.

I have to wonder if Sanford even had an affair. I suspect he was taken away for a little come-to-Jesus meeting after refusing to take Obama’s stolen bribe money.

You may recall how the CIA threatened Jesse Ventura after he became Governor of Minnesota against their will.

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Part One of the Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist documentary from The Corbett Report, dealing with the founding and funding of what we know as Al Qaeda. This installment of the documentary goes into Zbigniew Brzezinski, Operation Cyclone, the ISI-CIA-MAK-US government funding circle and CIA connections to Osama Bin Laden.

More here

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