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Only one reporter had the balls to challenge the banksters and his name was Mark Pittman. He mysteriously died at the age of 52 after winning a Federal Court case against government secrecy.

Twenty months after the Federal Court’s ruling, Geithner mocks the judge and the rule of law by providing basically nothing:

They were so heavily redacted that most of what’s left are everyday messages such as “Did you just try to call me?” and “Monday will be a busy day!”
 None of the documents answers Pittman’s request for “records sufficient to show the names of the relevant securities” or the dates and terms of the guarantees.

This is all happening under the Obama regime, the one that campaigned on more transparency and “open government”.

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Mark Joseph writes:

The only thing weirder than the Birthers are the anti-Birthers, who blame the Birthers for being conspiracy theorists yet actively feed the conspiracy by refusing to call for President Obama to release his birth certificate.


So what’s the problem here? Release the original and let’s be done with this madness.

Maybe there is nothing legit to release?

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Thanks to the New World Dictatorship brought to you by Bush’s manufactured “war on terror”, everyone is a terrorist – especially those that use the internet. Via Palestinian Mothers:

Mariam Zouaghi is the first Tunisian woman to be convicted under The Anti-Terrorism Act of 10 December 2003.

Mariam has been arrested on July 26th, 2008, for visiting banned websites, publishing online articles on alleged extremist forum boards and collecting money to support Gaza.

The only real terrorist in the world, and by far the most dangerous, is government – particularly the United States version.

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Yet all the other on-lookers were left alone. What were the police trying to hide? Why was the military on the scene?

Video here.

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Child care providers or parents who allow children access to pornography would be guilty of child abuse and listed on the state’s child abuse registry, under legislation being considered by lawmakers.

So, any parent that has internet access will become a criminal. I guess that is one way to reduce the population: outlaw parents. Personally, I think any “lawmaker” that whores children in order to pass fascist laws should be guilty of child abuse.

From the article: “Rep. Kurt Swaim, D-Bloomfield, who said he will do everything he can to get the bill passed this year.”

Kurts’s contact info:

E-mail: Kurt.Swaim@legis.state.ia.us
Home Address: 504 North Davis, Bloomfield, IA, 52537
Home Telephone: 641-664-2455

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Rise Of The Students

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Daniel A. Bettin
Breckenridge Senior High School
710 North 13th Street
Breckenridge, MN 56520
(218) 643-2694
Email: bettind@breckenridge.k12.mn.us

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A lot of people used to refer to this page (still available via Google cache) to get some basic facts about Bob Barr’s record. However the information is no longer available. Why, you might ask? It appears Barr has sent his lawyers after the site owner in an attempt to censor the truth:

For those of you who have come to rely on the information provided by me regarding libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr, I’m sorry to say I will no longer be providing that for your enjoyment and enlightenment. On June 3, 2008, I received a letter from a law firm retained by the Bob Barr campaign, telling me I don’t have a right to post information about the presidential candidate on this website. ( click here to view the letter )To comply with their wishes and maintain compliance with ICANN, I have taken down all content related to the libertarian candidate until this matter can be resolved.

Facts that were presented on the site included:

  • Worked for the CIA
  • Former drug war prosecutor
  • Member of the Speaker’s Task Force for a Drug-Free America
  • Authored and sponsored the Defense of Marriage Act, a law enacted in 1996 which states that only marriages that are between a man and a woman can be federally recognized
  • Voted for the Patriot Act
  • Proposed that the Pentagon ban the practice of Wicca in the military

What do you suppose he is so afraid of?

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It appears Tim Russert has his panties in a wad over the truth:

It seems that Arianna Huffington has run up against the impenetrable wall that is Tim Russert’s ego. Huffington, who is currently on tour for her new book Right Is Wrong: How The Lunatic Fringe Hijacked America, Shredded The Constitution, and Made Us All Less Safe, will be appearing on CNN, ABC, and CBS. She had been booked on Morning Joe and Countdown with Keith Olbermann as well, but those bookings were suddenly and inexplicably cancelled.

NBC confirmed that Huffington wouldn’t be booked on any NBC-affiliated show to promote her book, but refused to explain why. Huffington’s people say that this is Tim Russert’s doing, that Russert is out for revenge because Huffington called him a “conventional wisdom zombie” in her book and devoted seven pages to faulting Russert for allowing his Meet the Press guests to go unchallenged

Poor baby.

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AOL attempts to silence the truth about 9/11:

AOL-Time Warner’s popular social networking website Propeller.com has banned submission of all Prison Planet.com material – citing Prison Planet’s “inflammatory” articles about 9/11 as its justification.

What are they trying to hide?

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